English girl dating italian man

"Any Italian man who sits next to a girl on a sofa and doesn't try it on will be sneered at by his friends and branded a fool," he protested.This, I discovered later, is known affectionately as "the sofa rule", and has more to do with saving face than romance.We had much in common and arranged to meet for lunch.

In my case it is not just myself as even my mother puts her : “You won’t let him go out dressed like that, will you?!If I thought this was melodramatic, the best was still to come.The height of Italian jealousy was revealed in all its glory when a friend introduced me to one of his colleagues.Eventually, he realised that this was getting nowhere and turned to my disapproval of his smoking habit."Sleep with me tonight and I'll give up smoking," he said. If the gym in Italy is a common place for conquests, the sofa is another. As Matteo had errands to do first, I invited his friend to wait with me at home, where we sat down to watch television - at least that's what I thought we were going to do.

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