Elena and damon dating new york white plains dating

I don't think Damon knew until Meredith told him what happened to her and then Stefan was next to her body and he was crying or whatever so I think that's when…

Katherine tells Stefan that she will kill everyone in Elena's life unless they get back together, but Stefan still refuses. Stefan attacks her, which causes her to break free from the chains he has been using to hold her.Elena still can't decide between Stephen and Damon.Stephen is trustworthy and caring and sweet, plus he doesn't drink human blood.okay well you cant find out until may 10 because as you know that is when the season final is on air but they say that it is going to be someone that no one exspects it to be so i am think it wil be someone important in the movie btu i hope it is not elena or damon or stefan because they are a big part in this movie... he didn't really kiss Elena when Elena was with Stefan Damon actually kissed Katherine then after Jenna invited Katherine in which she thought was Elena Damon actually figured it out that it was Katherine well, Damon and Katherine kiss, but Damon thought that Katherine was Elena and that he was kissing Elena.

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