E datingmatch com

Obscene or offensive language is prohibited; you will not communicate in such manner.

You will not use the services or Website for any unlawful behaviour.

You will not disclose this information without the express permission of the person who gave it to you.

You will not create or attempt to create an account on the Website if you are under the age of 18 or other legal age limit in your local community for participating in a Website such as this.

We have a system that continuously monitors the contents of profile tests using banned words that are offensive.

Communication between members is not monitored, but we can remove details or pictures in profiles that do not follow our rules, and in that case may suspend profiles temporarily.

Use of a false identity is strictly prohibited; you will not create an account that misrepresents your personal identity.

In violation of our rules and regulations, you agree to exempt for all claims, disputes and litigation you had to come in because of your own liability.

The messages that other members send are not in our control; you release us from liability regarding all communications and content sent from other members and received by you.

We may from time to time utilize the services of persons who are compensated to enhance the service experience of users and you acknowledge same.

The website uses support staff to monitor and moderate the chat system, leading to chat dialogues and conversations with the users.

These are not separately labeled in the system, located in the system under another identity, without being visible to the members of the platform.

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