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As the date approaches, she finds herself becoming increasingly nervous and short-tempered with friends and family.

Click here to listen - bit.ly/30q Vh LY pic.twitter.com/qt Iqdy Jgg K I love this entry to the "Me & My Selfie with Dr. Have you entered for your chance to win a meet & greet with me, handcrafted jewelry, and more?

Megan has strong opinions about their marriage and dynamic but is it any of her business?

Click here to listen - soo.nr/q Np J pic.twitter.com/y0u R8rnw VT Neve is a college senior and after listening to Dr.

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Click here to listen - bit.ly/321SVDJ pic.twitter.com/Rqu D8Pcw Pg Dawn’s husband was molested by his brother when they were very young.Click here to listen - bit.ly/30inc0r pic.twitter.com/i7MLi2t ARb Penny is a hospice nurse who was deeply moved by a call regarding a mother battling cancer and her remaining time with her young daughter. Laura’s message of ‘making memories’ with her patients.Listen here - bit.ly/2Zdp0d G pic.twitter.com/s MSWum4YLU Mike’s 14-year-old daughter was caught at a sleepover attempting to smoke pot with her friends.Click here bit.ly/Dr Laura My Selfie for full details and to enter today!#withdrlaura pic.twitter.com/Nph GFy SWN8 Dawn’s husband discusses with Dr.

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