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He later worked as an editor and wrote various plays and novels.The story of Anderson’s parents is an interesting one: if you consider that Mrs.

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"I was personally shattered, and then you kind of reform yourself in this quiet, grieving world that was created in the house." Comedian Stephen Colbert opens up to @andersoncooper about grief and the death of his dad and brothers in a plane crash when he was 10 years old.

In 1995, he finally got to work with ABC, first as a correspondent, then as an overnight news anchor.

After hosting the ABC game show, The Mole, for two seasons, he left for CNN in 2001. Cooper is gay and is currently dating Benjamin Maisani. Cooper, whose net worth is 0 million, earns million as salary from CNN plus an undisclosed amount from CBS.

This however is not to say that the Coopers did not have their own share of troubles.

Anderson’s dad suffered long from heart disease that took toll of him in the late seventies.

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