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Northern Region: El Cibao The largest region is , which spreads through the north, northeast, and central parts of the country.

There you will find the longest, highest mountain ranges and fertile land.

Papi rode the streets of Tenares (my mother’s town in the Dominican Republic) on his motorcycle. Dominicans are also known for speaking fast and loudly.In this article, I will give you some insight that will help you get a handle on what’s said to be one of the more difficult Spanish accents to understand. Another common phrase in Spanish, “Está todo bien” (Everything is well) is also drastically shortened.Get your nose out of the books and join 2,237 Spanish learners that are learning to speak Spanish with real people. I’m a language coach specializing in brain-friendly methods to learn foreign languages faster.We'll send our best advice and resources for how to learn conversational Spanish, PLUS giveaways of the best resources for learning Spanish directly to your inbox. I speak English (US native), Spanish (advanced), and Brazilian Portuguese (beginner).

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