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It wasn’t at all suitable for use at home, which was fine for a few decades because coffee had never been a beverage consumed at home anyway. (As a side note, the fact that it was a communal and foreign-seeming ritual seems to have scared those in power in the Catholic world quite a bit at first; it took an official approval from Pope Clement VIII in 1600 to clear coffee’s dangerous connotations.) Coffee was too expensive, and the newly popular Pavoni brewing devices unsuited, to be making coffee at home. Schnapp outlines the history of the moka pot in a 2001 paper called .

The characteristic hourglass shape, with the eight-sided chambers, was there from the beginning.Luigi Bezzera, from Milan, modified the Moriondo patent, and Pavoni’s device was a large complex metal contraption that worked, roughly, like this.A compartment of water on the bottom of the device is heated by placing the entire thing on a flame.All of the factories set up to create war materials were at a loss for products to make, as were a generation of skilled manufacturers.Vespa, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo designed incredible vehicles.

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