Department of education consolidating federal loans

You will lose your cancelation benefits, such as performing public services. Interest does not accrue when your Perkins Loan is in deferment.Perkins Loans generally have lower interest rates but less flexible repayment periods.

You cannot consolidate a default loan if a judgment has been issues against a defaulted loan which has not been dismissed.

Click here for more information on defaulted loans No, if you want to clear the default notation, you will need to contact your loan holder to discuss rehabilitation with them.

If you decide to consolidate while in default, your default notation in your credit will also show that the loan was paid off in full.

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Yes you can consolidate your Perkins Loan into the Direct Consolidation Loan if you include at least one Direct Loan or Federal Family Educational Loan (FFEL). There are some disadvantages to consolidating your Perkins Loan so you should consider them prior to consolidating them.

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