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It creates the strongly typed dot net classes based on database tables.

LINQ to SQL enables you to write Select, Insert, Update, Delete query after after strongly typed dot net classes generated.

Now Right click on the project (or project folder) and select the option Add New Item.

Select LINQ to SQL Classes Template and Give Name as

Here Stored Procedure name is Get All Employees, therefore we will get the Get All Employees() method.

Remember that we have created the file and it will generate the Emp Data Context class.

After that Submit Changes() method is used to commit the updated record in database.

In the given below code, you can easily see that, the table is converted into the class and the column name is converted into the properties of tbl Emps class.

Please refer the previous code for populate the Gridview using LINQ.

In above example we have used Load Data() method for this purpose.

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