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I can train, just cant go to failure or anything to crazy...My heart is pretty damaged..pray that it will recover in the next few months life can go back normal (or close as normal as possiable) this is what I was diagnose with Nonishemic Cardiomyopathy...

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You're on the Internet, so some people are going to share their opinions. I guess I expected something less than the decisive nature of other sites and was shocked at first. People are entitled to their opinions wherever I go, and those opinions can come out sounding unrealistic and without-all-the-facts over the internet. I looked over some other threads first about a woman marrying a sex offender and kept visiting him in prison while she was a college kid.His crime is listed as "Attempted Indecent Liberties W/child: : I am a Social Worker with the I/DD (intellectually/developmentally disabled)population . I work with a vulnerable population who wouldn't normally have a voice and have the chance to stand up and assist them to advocate for themselves. If this relationship were to advance could his status affect my career?If we were to get married could I still work with a vulnerable population?Know you can get better and you will What are all the tests you had done to find this problem? What I do know about you, is that you are beyond mentally strong, and you will fight through this.I know you will return to normal health and you will still compete regardless.

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