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def isbn(number): try: numberreal = number #keeps real number with "-" numberzero = number.replace("-", "") #this makes sure python doesnt drop the first 0 if it is at the start number = number.replace("-", "") number = int(number) number = str(numberzero) print("The ISBN Number Entered is", numberreal) num = int(number[0]) * 10 int(number[1]) * 9 int(number[2]) * 8 int(number[3]) * 7 int(number[4]) * 6 int(number[5]) * 5 int(number[6]) * 4 int(number[7]) * 3 int(number[8]) * 2 num = num checknum = 11 - num print("The Check Digit Should Be", checknum, "and the one in the code provided was", number[9]) if int(checknum) == int(number[9]): print("The Check Digit Provided Is Correct") else: print("The Check Digit Provided Is Incorrect") except Value Error: print("Not Valid Number") error() except Index Error: print("Not 10 Digits") error() def error(): print("Error") running = True while running == True: isbn(input("What is the isbn 10 digit number?

The digit the farthest to the right (which is multiplied by 1) is the check digit, chosen to make the sum correct.About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader.Welcome to Sweetie Pie's: Inside the New Season | Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s | Oprah Winfrey Network.But the ho-hum sex was a downer, she says, and they decided to be no more than friends.Which wasn’t so easy given the fact that they were already living together.

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