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Some Bosnians set out food for stray animals, such as scraps from their meals or specifically bought cans of tuna for the kittens living underneath garbage barrels outside their back door.

Saying goodbye to the person you once loved is the hardest thing you have to do.

You might have a bit of a headache due to your kidneys being infected from not wearing an undershirt.

To help prepare all you newbies, here are a few of the most interesting cultural differences between this European country and good ol' America: In America, going out for coffee is a quick and easy task.

As the Houston dating service with nearly 30 years of experience in the dating and matchmaking industry, we know the warning signs a relationship is unraveling.

Read on as we show you the telltale signs your relationship is over. Things get even more complicated when you decide to part ways with your partner and you’re left to figure out how to move on from the relationship you never thought would end.

The important thing to remember is that you will get through the pain, just like everyone else has done before you.In some ways, Bosnia is quite similar in that sense.However, taking public transportation can also mean long conversations with an old man who visited America when he was younger or a woman letting you place your shopping bags on her lap while you Muslim helps connect Muslims in Bosnia who are looking to date.Take a few minutes to register and you could have a date lined up for the weekend!

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