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At this early stage it may also be good to take a step back and acknowledge to your son the difficult array of emotions you’re feeling.

You might say something like, “This is obviously something you’ve been pondering for a while, but you have to understand that we’ve just heard about it for the first time. Can we take some time to reflect on what you’ve shared before talking further?

As the conversation moves forward, make a conscious effort to use first-person words – “I” and “we” – instead of “you-based” language, which can easily be heard as controlling, directive, blaming, shaming, scolding, or self-righteous.

All of this examination, however, is only true and beneficial you’re very careful to conduct your investigations in the light of God’s truth and with the help of caring Christian friends.

It’s also vital to get on the same page with your spouse.

The two of you can’t tackle a problem like this in the best manner possible if you’re not united in your approach.

Get out there, learn a bit, then impress the hell out of your friends at the next wedding or party. Sometimes it’s just fun to be under the covers together.

The key to saving some cash on this one is to only have one drink or even split one at each bar and try to strike up a coversation with at least one new person. Remeber to use Uber or Lyft if you plan on drinking. If you live a city or town of any decent size, it’s likely that you have a local gay rag. So do a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or You Tube Live or post. You can even grab your laptop or tablet and watch some videos together. If you can’t be with each other, send each other sexy texts.

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