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In addition, numerous existing facilities are being modernized and improved.

Storage and Maintenance Facilities: In Queens and the Bronx, new facilities for storing and maintaining trains during the day are being constructed.

If you’re divorce is final, you’re no longer concerned about the impact on your court case, except to the extent it might be used against you in a custody fight. It can be a time of delightful discovery, a chance for you to rediscover your playful side, to have some fun. Your first relationship, though will almost never be a stable long-term relationship. Just don’t expect it to be the basis of your next marriage.

This is a common issue after divorce, so there’s a separate page on Rebound Relationships After Divorce.

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The East Side Access megaproject is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in the United States with a history that reaches back to the 1950’s when discussions were first held regarding regional transportation planning.You’re still grieving, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re wondering about moving on with your romantic life. Whether you should refrain from dating before your divorce is final is both a strategic and moral question.The answer depends on how your state views fault in divorce, on how long you and your spouse have been separated, on what your lawyer thinks about dating during divorce, and finally on how you feel about dating while you’re still married.First MTA Chairman William Ronan presents the MTA’s first masterplan to Governor Rockefeller, which included the first plan for LIRR access to the East Side of Manhattan, albeit in a terminal on Third Avenue.So now you’ve moved through most of the crud of divorce.

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