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In seeing Kaminoff’s family rallying around her, Martello recalled dealing with the loss of her husband.That group of women, all of whom had lost a spouse or a child on 9/11, met every Tuesday morning for three years, and kept in touch even after they no longer needed to meet weekly. We wanted people to have peer support for milestones and anniversaries.” Three years later, Stephy’s Place hosts 27 separate groups – and more than 200 individuals – in weekly morning or evening sessions.“Our goal is to provide a safe environment for people to share their stories.” For many, that means accepting that you’re never going to be the same, Martello says, and finding ways integrate that into your life and find a new purpose.She recounted a story of a woman in tears at a session who had been blaming herself for driving her husband to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance.

She is able to speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. It was held December 7–9, 2007 at the newly built Star Hall in Hong Kong.

However, shortly after its release, many people realized that the book contained many incorrect words (they were correct phonetically, but not the correct Chinese character).

Stephy has become the first female artist (in Hong Kong) to have had H1N1/swine flu (she had previously attended a charity event for the Taiwan flood), causing a rush of fear that the disease might spread. In December 2009, Stephy released her collection of "Greatest Hits" plus "New Songs" songs in a 2CD DVD Collection called 'Music Cafe' which includes four new songs, including 陪著我走 (Running alongside me) which served as the same name as her novel.

Generally, the album was widely heard and was popular, and it was certified Gold by IFPI Hong Kong. The only difference between the other four was the color themes of the album covers: red, yellow, blue, and green, which were four different themes for photo shoots. This album also features different covers, and a special edition was released three months after the original release. There was no official announcement of the certification, as Gold Label Entertainment Ltd and EMI Music Hong Kong did not participate in IFPI Hong Kong. Stephy released her new album The Red Album in November 2008.

However, the newspapers announced that Dating Stephy has sold over 30,000 in one month, and it was at least Gold certified. Some songs from this album were included in her recent concert. Some tracks in this album, such as "女兒紅", have led to media attention on the improvement in Stephy's voice, and no longer many people referred to her as 走音王 (Queen of Offkey singing).

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