Dating staffordshire hoard

There is broad agreement that the typical object in the hoard was made in the 7th century, with the date of the deposition of the hoard of course post-dating the manufacture of the latest object it includes.Along with other discoveries, examination of the hoard showed Saxon goldsmiths were able to alter the surface of the gold by depletion gilding to give the appearance of a higher gold content, a technique not previously credited to them.The incised strip appears to be the stem of a cross and this indicates a Viking threat to a church.Paleographically, the inscription most likely dates to the 8th century, with the late 7th or early 9th not to be ruled out.

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A gold and garnet fitting, made for the corner of a flat rectangular object, may be for the corner of a book-cover, which in this context would almost certainly have been a Gospel Book.But it emerged the pair, who have not spoken since their rift, are set to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds more after 90 gold and silver items were unearthed close to the original find.Last month, archaeologists used metal detectors to find the items buried just three inches from the surface in the 14 acre site in Hammerwich, Staffs.The proceeds from the sale of the treasure will again be split between Terry and Fred.Speaking at the unveiling of the find at the Potteries Museum and Arts Centre in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., Staffordshire County Council Leader Philip Atkins described it as "hugely interesting find." He said: "Although not on the scale of the discovery some 40 months ago it can provide a significant piece of the jigsaw.

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