Dating someone with overindulged kids

Be careful, though, that you don’t confuse the gratefulness principle with the overindulgence trap.

Some parents, wanting their children to like them, recognize giving gifts opens the heart, so they overdo it by giving them too many things.

The solution was to begin with the heart, and emotional connectedness was the window.

Donna had already started setting limits in several areas.

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They usually show love in one favorite way until it’s overused and they need to find a different way to use the gratefulness button.Donna obviously sacrificed for her children, and she did it willingly with a good attitude.That’s why their ungrateful and demanding attitude hurt so much. ” When we began discussing the idea of overindulgence, Donna defended herself.Every person’s heart contains a “gratefulness button.” Seven-year-old Joshua beams when Mom holds out a plate of cookies and says, “I made your favorite.” Mom found the button.Seventeen-year-old Sandra is pleasantly surprised that Mom washed the jeans she wants to wear to the party.

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