Dating someone in recovery drug addiction

Everyone knows it’s risky to date someone a week after they get out of a serious relationship.

In some ways, addiction is like a destructive, abusive relationship.

This is a good rule of thumb for anyone relationship, not just if you’re dating someone in recovery.

Keep good people around you—people who are wise, loving, who are good judges of character, who will tell you hard truths, who care more about your well-being than they care about being liked. In the same way people in recovery can’t do recovery alone, you shouldn’t try to support and love someone in recovery alone.

If you are dating someone in recovery, you need support.

Now when they say they’re going to a friend’s house, you’re suspicious.Or perhaps you are a recovered addict, and you seek guidance on entering a new relationship without jeopardizing your recovery?Whatever the situation you find yourself in, here are eight tested tips for dating somebody in recovery.You may never fully understand the boundaries that your loved one has put in place, but trust that your loved one has set these limits for good reason.Recovery is not a valid excuse for not acting like a mature adult in a relationship.

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