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Romane decided to devote his energies to stealing from the world he hated and, to that end, designed a costume lined with hidden pockets and filled with a plethora of miniaturized weapons, everything from flamethrowers to sonic disruptors to a compact hovercraft.

Among the Gadgeteer's first victims in the fall of 1939 were New York Star publisher Edward Runyon and his date Kathy Kulhammer, a Congressman's daughter (STEEL, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN #3), who used their influence to convince the mystery-man known as Steel to track down the marauder on their behalf.

An off-hand reference to the "E-Corps" alerted Steel (secretly a military man named Hank Heywood) to the Gadgeteer's possible origin and a check of the Corps' files revealed Romane's name.

Steel tracked down the villain at his last known address but the suicidal Gadgeteer attempted to kill them both with a grenade, vowing he'd "NEVER be taken alive!

Appearances: Written by Richard Meyer The Gloryboys were a trio of young boys taken from a neurosurgical correction camp in Eastern Siberia in the Winter of 1983. All three boys were congenitally blind, but were dermo-optically receptive (meaning they could "see" through their skin).

They were brought to the remains of the Institute of Brains in Moscow. They were thought to be ideal candidates to activate a new weapon known as the Scream Over Hiroshima, which recreated the psychic energy and pain and terror of the people in the city of Hiroshima who died during the use of the first atomic bomb.

As the Scream began to affect both the real and astral planes, the Cosmic Coincidence Control Center sent in their agents Bobby Dazzler and Benedict Creed.

General Grushko killed both Alexei and Yuri and activated the Scream before the hero known as Scarab could stop him.

After Scarab left to be with the lifeform that his comatose wife had become, Creed and Dazzler attempted to evaluate and stop the damage that the Scream was causing.

Dazzler was killed when he was exposed to many possible futures that could come from the effects of the Scream, but Creed and the CCCC were able to rework the structural framework of the world-mind so that the effects of the Scream appear to be largely forgotten by the world as a whole.

Voted "Mister Anti-Social" by his graduating class, Roger Romane thought he'd found his niche in the Research and Development division of the Army Engineer Corps in the late 1930s.

Instead, his"concept of multi-purpose tools for use by combat engineers" was met with derision and he was ejected from the military after insulting the General who dismissed his work.

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