Dating site for dog walkers

Insurance is available that is specifically tailored to provide coverage for pet sitters and dog walkers.

This coverage will protect you from potential legal action if a pet causes damage while under your supervision.

It may have been moved to a new location or removed completely.

Please use the Green Navigational Hills (above), our Walk Search and/or A - Z to help you locate the page you were looking for.

Design a flyer and business card to place on entryway bulletin boards in vet clinics, supermarkets, dog groomers, and pet stores.

Consider having your contact information and logo made into large magnets to display on the doors and rear of your vehicle.

Terms of service agreements spell out the relationship between the client (dog owner) and service provider (you).For each owner who uses your service, maintain a contact sheet that includes their address, phone number, email, and emergency contact numbers.Be sure to record information on each dog including breed, color, date of birth, health history (including allergies and any previous injuries), veterinarian's name, and clinic contact information.It is the place to discuss what your service offers, payment options, cancellations, damages, and emergency health situations.Make sure you have a signature before you begin working for a new client.

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