Dating show hosted by george lopez

The couple founded the Ann and George Lopez Foundation to raise awareness about kidney disease.

A few celebs have decided to go for a dip in the TV dating pool.

Not to be outdone, former MTV host Jenny Mc Carthy also has a new dating show on the horizon called "Love in the Wild," which is also for NBC.

But unlike Longoria's and Lopez's, Mc Carthy's show should be more action-packed.

But at least "Take Me Out" has plenty of energy and camp; you can even picture (I did) viewers hooting at their TV set, or maybe throwing a half-eaten hot dog at it.

That's called "engagement," and "engagement" is usually a good thing in TV. In the clip, Lopez cracks a few groaners -- "will it be lust or bust?

George Lopez's multi-faceted career encompasses television, film, standup comedy, and late-night television.

In addition to Eva Longoria’s new NBC dating show, "Ready for Love" (which some predict may give “The Bachelor” a run for its money), comedian/TV personality George Lopez is also reportedly trying his hand at televised matchmaking.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lopez will host Fox's new (appropriately titled) dating show, “Take Me Out.” "TMO," which is expected to launch June 7, will center around 30 female contestants all looking to score the ultimate hook-up.

Longoria's "Ready for Love," meanwhile, will bring the "age old art of matchmaking into the modern age," as NBC puts it in a statement.

Hosted by Giuliana and Bill Rancic, three matchmakers will be on board to help three men, including Tim Lopez of the Plain White T's, each find the mate of their dreams.

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