Dating safety for teens

Teenage dating violence is a problem here in our country.

Statistics show that 1 in every 3 teenagers has been affected by teen violence in one way or another.

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Did you know 1 in 3 teens is the victim of physical, sexual, verbal or emotional violence in the U. This interactive session is an overview of teen dating violence that examines the red flags of an abusive relationship and what is unique to the adolescent experience.

But material that is potentially disturbing to teens goes beyond that.

Accurate or even award-winning reporting of a disaster or human tragedy can be disturbing as well.

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Here is some important information that you can pass along to your teen to help with your discussion: Dating Tips If you do not know the person you are dating well, consider going out on a double date or group date for your first date.By knowing about them in advance, you can plan for them.Disturbing material includes pornography, and it is important to know that pornography can be accessed accidentally.You will need it should anything go wrong and you need to call your parents, other family, or friends for help.If you feel uncomfortable with your date at any time or your date makes inappropriate sexual advances towards you, end the date immediately.

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