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These messages contain factual information about the conflict.

An average user would probably want to know what was written about them, especially because it's on a public blog such as blogspot.

CX, a rogue antivirus that displays very convincing (and for some, alarming) messages... CX also drops another malware, detected as TROJ_RENOS. RENOS Trojans are known to have very visual payloads that may further alarm users (for example, they modify the systems wallpaper and screensaver settings to display BSOD).

Thus, users may be more convinced that somethings wrong with their system, not knowing that their new software is the one causing it.

References: "Photobucket phish...- 19, 2008 - "Photobucket is, by far, one of the largest photo-sharing sites in the world.

It is generally used for personal photographic albums, remote storage of avatars displayed on Internet forums, and storage of videos.

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