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He makes it a point to stop by each show to tap his foot on his bike pedal and make his presence known.

Following lunch we walked outside and you guessed it, there was the town crier and his wife. I immediately ran up to the town crier, told him I read about him in the program, introduced myself and Jon and blurted out "AND WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!

I don’t know if she trolls the internet for hours every day to find these ideas or what. In fact, she posted about a job she did in Italy for a large hotel back in March of 2014.

I think she is very busy now as a mother, but this couple is famous in the world of player wives for being extremely secretive about their relationship. reported way back in March of 2013 that some rando spotted them hugging at a hockey game.

Casey’s cousin is the one who let the cat out of the bag!

Join us as we create & experience 50 dates in 50 weekends for per date. Will our relationship survive dating on a dime or will we end up in the red? Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you think you are dreaming while still awake?

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