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Gas-pressure irons were manufactured as early as 1900, and were around through at least the 1970s, before electric-powered steam irons were a more affordable, safer alternative.Some irons made the mistake of having a wood handle, which would get hot easily and possibly catch fire.There is unfortunately not much information about most of them. Made around 1924-1925, there was no pump included - the gas was gravity-fed directly from the tank.This iron, by Enterprise Tool & Metal Works in Chicago, is called the Hydro Carbon E-Z Sad Iron. The rollerskate key (pictured) helped the fuel flow to the burner. Safe has been completely restored to like new condtion. It has the original ships wheel with bakalite handle, that rotates the main outside door. The safe is made of aluminum, and is a full bodied safe with real rolling wheels. 104 polished nickle parts many with original custom engine turning. The outer door also articulates to give you access to the time lock mechanism. Ultra Rare Circa 1898 Meilink Personal Safe with original shipping crate. This safe is in remarkable conditiion and is a true conversation piece. The safe has an unusual rivet pattern on the outside edges of safewhich is both structural and decorative.

This was the first iron they made in the 1920s, and it looks very similar to the Coleman No. Thomas was a company in the early 1900s that focused on making kerosene products, including this Kerosafe iron.This unique Standard Self-Heating iron was produced by a company in Cincinatti known as C. It did not sell well, as it required over five minutes to heat, and the placement of the tank made it heavy.This nickel-plated brass iron was made by Imperial Brass Mfg. Dubbed the "Self-Heating Flat Iron," it came with an unusual external pump that could be threaded atop the tank (not pictured). The bottom has a lockable door to store books or whatever you like. The interior of the safe is also lined in crushed velvet. Safe is located in the upper compartment of the cabinet. Dimensions of the safe are 10 1/2"H x 10 1/2"W x 10 1/2"D. Inside has a fitted wood interior with 3 drawers and matching rose adorned real porcelein knobs.

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