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Persona 3 FES is the third installment in the Persona series (part of the larger Megami Tensei series) and the first to be on the Play Station 2.

When the cutscene is playing, or in New Game, press R2. Pressing Triangle while in this menu will send you to the cutscene editor window. There are quite a few graphics leftover from earlier periods of development, including concept sketches.

Presumably, this was used as placeholders or to test out how Cut-In portraits would work.

There is a few character rough sketches through out the game's data.

A render of the names superimposed on the map can be seen above.

A list of early and final names are listed below for reference.

A title screen image that was probably used early in the development of Persona 3 as a design placeholder. These are unused placeholder portraits that were left in the game.

There is actually a texture for her sketch, revealing that she is drawing Tartarus.

With the above code active, enter New Game or enter any area with a cutscene.

Persona 3 FES USA (SLUS-21621) codes: \Documents\PCSX2\cheats.

To enable it, apply the code below for your version of the game.

You can make your own cutscenes, apply sound effects and bgm, apply graphics to appear during cutscenes, and toggle various settings in this menu.

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