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In the summer, however, she wears a white sleeveless turtleneck shirt and black pants.

As with the rest of SEES, Mitsuru wears a swimsuit during the excursion at Yakushima.

She previously wore a red ribbon with a green gem, a white puffy blouse, a red skirt, white stockings and brown shoes.

In her middle school years, she is seen wearing the standard summer school uniform and a black sweater vest.

I was reversed with Fuuka once because I was dating her and Mitsuru at the same time.

Remember that when you get to a certain point in your S.

In Persona 4 Arena, Mitsuru, now 20 years old, reappears and is wearing a fur coat over a black catsuit.

I've just dug out my P3 guide and apparently Yuko should be on the 1st floor near the stairs (Wednesday, Saturday) and Kazushi is at the Sports Club. In the end I remember just ignoring a couple of links altogether because I ended up focusing more on maxing others.

And we have promised to never lose hope, no matter what tomorrow may bring." Mitsuru has long red hair covering her left eye.

On the weekends and days off, she wears a short black peacoat, a white scarf and white pants, along with her black boots.

i haven't played P3 before, but I read somewhere that you have to go and apologise to them or something.

You have to go and talk to them a few times and give the correct answers, then your S Link will revert back to normal at the same stage as before it became reversed Yep, basically keep trying to talk to them until they start up a conversation with you.

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