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So you've got your date, you've just finished you're super awesome INSERT DATE ACTIVITY HERE and now it's time to drop him or her home.

But you know what's coming and he or she knows too...

The back seat is one of the top places to make out is because, no matter how old you are, when you’re getting busy in the back seat, you’ll feel like a carefree teenager again.

It’s a bit cramped and always very intimate and exciting. The key to doing it without sacrificing your dignity is all in your choice of movie.

While your eyes were still half-closed and you felt self-conscious about morning breath, you were also aware that kissing when no one's around yet was a luxury not to be ignored.2. This was a dicey move, but you knew if you had even a minute or two of an empty classroom, you were wise enough to take advantage of such a gift. Whether you were in band, choir, drama club, or tech crew, you knew the appeal of the darkened theater wings. Look, desperate times called for desperate measures, and if you really tried, you could convince yourself that a thick tree trunk near the school would shade you well from the sea of rolling eyes as you went at it.

Watching TV or a movie on the couch could give you plenty of time to work up the nerve to put your arm around her — if you’re still getting to know each other.

Hitting the stop button like they do in the movies may garner you more attention than you’d like, but a quick make-out session between floors can be really hot.

The drive-in has served as the ultimate make out spot for young people since it was invented, since it provides an innocent excuse for parking and enough time to enjoy an enthusiastic make-out session before the credits roll.

Combine this with the teenage thrill of making out in the back seat and you’ve got a tried-and-true top make-out spot.

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