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I hope that when we meet them in the near future, we will be able to learn and work together in harmony. Majoring in Arabic language, he graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Language at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

After which and went on to further his studies and completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School Division of Letters in Waseda University.

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Due to reasons such as heavy immigration of Muslims to Western Europe after World War 2 when Europe was experiencing an economic growth and manpower shortage, there are currently more than 15 million Muslims living in Western Europe.Professor Tanada specialization lies in Asian and Egyptian Studies.In Japan, the population of Muslim residents is estimated to be only around 170,000; however, the number of Muslims visiting or living in Japan is expected to increase in the future.Additionally, millions of Muslims currently live in France, Germany and United Kingdom respectively.In these three countries, there are also many halal shops and over 2,000 Islamic mosques.

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