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I am very tired too, but I coffee’d up in Green River, and wolfed down a green chile cheeseburger at our favorite cafe, and feel perked up, for the moment at least.

When we drove off from Green River, headed east on I-70 to Crescent Junction, I suggested to De Anne that we rent a motel room on the company’s dime in Monticello, after dumping the gear, since I can’t see us driving all the way back to Durango from Monticello in the middle of the night; it’s a four-hour drive, which gets us into town at am.

After dumping the gear, De Anne and I will continue on to Durango, though I’m very dubious about this flaw in ‘da plan’.

She will fly out the day after tomorrow, so we have some leeway.

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Also, I know that once I get started on De Anne, I will most certainly lose my focus on traffic coming up the highway, and we will both end up being picked up with snow shovels by the crew from Moab.To celebrate his work, dress up as your favourite Pokemon character – or create your own!Tuesday – World Autism Acceptance Day – Love and acceptance go a long way.Dress up today in your most comfy clothes (including school appropriate pjs), use as much natural light in your classroom instead of fluorescents as possible and/or wear sunglasses. I have a product line in development that’s designed to help inclusive educators, homeschoolers and involved parents encourage play based learning for kids of all abilities.Late evening light has turned the red rock cliffs and sandy badlands out my left driver’s side window a spectacular orange color, and I’ve slowed down some to drink in the view.

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