Dating in the dark australia season 2

hit our screens back on April 11, but with the threat from the undead far from over at the end of the first season, we've got one very big question on our minds: will the show return for a second outing? Netflix hasn't yet confirmed whether season two has been given the thumbs up – the streaming platform usually takes a couple of months to make its decision based on how many people watch the show.

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I loved working with Gillian." And it was exactly the same with Gatwa: "It kind of just clicked...

"If you want to see the meaning and the drama and the truth, it's there." Although , King said:"What I can tease is that whatever you think is gonna happen, will not happen.

It will always keep you on your toes."[It] really comes back to like very real human traits.

So it doesn't look good, but there's a chance we could see him again, alive or otherwise.

Carmen (Erika Hau), however, has officially been zombified, so if we do cross paths with her in the future, it won't be as a human.

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