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All of these brave authors want to give hope to all HIV-positive people around the world.This is their storys and we publish them as colourful as we got them.It depends on how exactly the other person will respond to this news.

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It is important to feel confident and not to be afraid, so that your partner also feels confident and is able to perceive information about HIV status normally.A serious website designed to create a family offers to fill out a detailed questionnaire where you need to not only tell about yourself, but frankly notify about your other diseases.It's not a secret that many people with HIV also have Hepatitis C.Philip from South Africa lives with the virus since 2010: "I am not HIV POSITIVE but I LIFE POSITIVE" HIV research It feels like a revolution of sex life for Hiv-positive people: There is a pill that a HIV-negative person can take and the pill can prevent HIV-infection near to 100 per cent. Hendrik Streeck is a german researcher - for Positive Dates he writes about the pros and cons of this pill which is called pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP).Can a pill prevent Hiv-infection and allow sex without a condom?

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