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A letter was stamped between the lugs representing the case maker... H and W are Wadsworth cases and S was for Star Watch Case company.As far as I know, Navy watches used Wadsworth cases, while the other services used both manufactures. I don't have a complete collection though, so this isn't an exhaustive list. Generally speaking, black dialed wrist watches were used by the Navy."Railway Special" was registered as a trademark on 24 December 1939.At introduction in late 1940, it was advertised boldly as "America's finest and most accurate railroad watch." It was also the last railroad watch, made and certified after others went out of production in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

The dial will also have Hamilton embossed in black on the dial - albeit hard to see.These cases were used during the Korean war too - but with the 8/0 size 747 movement.Parkerization is a special coating often used in guns as an alternative to bluing.A watch like this one with the sub second hand at 6 will feature a 17 jewel 987A movement.The case will have a screw-on back cover, with a movement ring and dust cover inside, along with a gasket. Depending on the watch it will have a 17 jewel 987S movement inside, or it could have an 18 jewel 2987 in specific naval aviator watches.

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