Dating for dog lover

you're meeting a lot of people at once, but you're also meeting more dogs at once. Those who don't want to speed date don't have to — they can sit at the hotel's Bar One One Four and sip on specialty cocktails with their pup in tow.You'll have a lot more fun and they help you let your walls down." Once you and your pup pass through the doors, there will be an hour of cocktails and mingling when you can both visit Groomit, an at-home grooming company, for a nail trim or a fluff; ask celebrity veterinarian Dr. In the end, you may not leave with a date, but you can leave with a new dog.Not to mention, that dogs are a good judge of character, so they can weed out the “bad” ones.If you are searching for love and “must love dogs” is a requirement, then the new Dig dating app is for you.So fetch your tickets for a good cause and be on your way to puppy paradise!Tickets to this Dating with Dogs event were sold out in a flash!On Thursday, your (furry) best friend can do the schmoozing at the free event by Dig, the dog person's dating app, at Marmara Park Avenue, which is a pet-friendly hotel in midtown.

According to Isaacson, including four-legged friends in your romantic life is a smart thing to do.Not only did our dog lovers and owners have a blast and win prizes, the doggos we're spoiled rotten too with lots of hugs and treats from Woofgatauex. Thank you to all our dog owners, dog lovers and pups for coming along and supporting ACT 4 Bali Dogs. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first event in support of ACT 4 Bali Dogs. The pups were on their "best" behaviour while our single dog lovers and owners played games involving swinging bananas and hip thrusts! Let your dog be your wingman at this "Must Love Dogs" speed dating event in New York City.The app was designed by Leigh Isaacson and her sister, Casey who understand that dogs are a huge part of our lives. I shih-tzu not.” Dog lovers will love how simple it is to log in and search pictures of potential match with their dogs.“Dig is a dating app for people who love dogs and have dogs,” Isaacson told Fox2 Detriot. Each person creates a profile and then the app will fetch five compatible matches a day.

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