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Abigail Kintanar was an actress, then she decided to try her luck in reality television and unwittingly became part of urban vernacular.

Named Red Oyster, she made her claim to fame on Flavor of Love as Flav’s spy, and her nickname is now synonymous with spying, being a mole, and a snitch.

We read the ones that you wanted to know about and we’re gonna give them to you!

We also included a few that you didn’t ask for, but definitely left a mark in Flav’s rented mansion and burned images in our brains that we haven’t been able to forget… Reality television is full of colorful characters, but I doubt that anyone held a candle to Ms. She made the show even more entertaining with her grandiose claims, inability to cook chicken and holding on to certain “truths” as if her life depended on it (“This is my real hair…” “Everyone who knows me says I remind them of Beyonce…” “This is my man, my mansion and my money…”)After being cut from Flavor of Love because Flav perceived her as a gold digger (now why would he have make that accusation?

When I started on my first venture of “Where Are they Now?

” It was really hard to try to pick which Flavor of Love girls to focus on.

After Flavor of Love, she came in 2nd on Flavor of Love Girls Charm school, getting a model contract and winning ,000.He and I are super cool friends and all that you saw was really real.I saw him not too long ago in LA and just gave him a hug and I told him thank you.I will always have respect for Flav, he changed my life.”“No lies, it was really was,” she added, when told that she no longer had to adhere to non-disclosure agreements.“I was impressed by the person he was girls and also didn’t realize that she would be apart of TV history, since the experience was so new to her.“It was so new, like reality everything, especially the type of show that we were doing and it was new for us,” she said.

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