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One of the varieties that emerged at this time was the kyara-ben, a bento designed to resemble a cute animal or popular cartoon character.Kyara-ben are characterized by clever food arrangements such as an apple cut in the shape of a rabbit or a cocktail sausage in the shape of an octopus.With people now able to live in contentment, the bento box enjoyed a surge in popularity and quickly proliferated into many different types.“The peace and stability of the Edo period allowed the people of that time the freedom to explore a variety of artistic and culinary pursuits,” explains Tsubuku.Everyone in Japan has fond memories of bento boxes.

“The bento is very much a product of its environment,” explains Tsubuku, “and an expression of the sensibilities of the region.This is what makes it so special, which all adds to the enjoyment of eating.Purchasing a local bento is an important part of the experience of travel, today as it was back then.Originally the ekiben was a simple meal, little more than an onigiri ball of white rice wrapped in bamboo sheath.The idea of railway-based tourism was popularized by the Discover Japan campaign that coincided with the 1970 Osaka Expo.

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