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Until finally I was homeless living with family and depending on a family members Social Security check to feed me. For 5 years and 5 days, I prayed to God to die each and every night.

I was a pitiful person….285 lbs, black-out drunk every night, binge eating in a drunken stupor, so fat I couldn’t reach my ass to wipe it or tie my shoes. As with every fairytale, there is a turning point or crossroads where the hero has to make a choice.

Trips across the country in First Class were a monthly thing, with town cars, the best hotels, and tipping door men and maitre d’s made him feel powerful.

It was a life of over-excess, over-indulging, and thinking of himself in a ways only to justify what was ultimately a self-destructing life. What happened next was the snowball that had been rolling down the deep snowed mountain for a very long time had finally reached the valley floor.

Each morning I woke up alive and was disappointed God did not take me in the night. I didn’t want to be that pitiful person for one day longer! Unless you count the 48 hours it takes to clear your blood system, then I suppose it’s been since the 3’rd day after Thanksgiving! Since the day after Thanksgiving, November 2012 I implemented an eating plan which consists of eating only things that a person can kill, grow, or dig for. Today I was at 259lbs, and god willing I will be at 258 1/2 lbs tomorrow morning.

Which means, meat and fish, leafy or root vegetables, and lots of water. I think I look pretty good for almost being a dead person just 8 weeks ago!

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