Dating a musician quotes

One thing almost every girl can say is that they’ve had the fantasy of dating a musician.

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Now, there have been times where I’ve asked someone to come up on stage, typically because I’ve seen them play elsewhere and I know they’re good, but they almost never ask themselves.

His humble beginnings date back to performing folk and country songs at local cafés while he was still a student.

That’s when he took the name Although many thought the pseudonym was inspired by the poet Dylan Thomas, Bob later said that it had nothing to do with it and that he actually dislikes the author.

Here are things to know about dating drummers: But if you catch them having a good time, you’ll see just how spunky they can be.

Drummers are often the one’s on stage who do the funniest faces with their tongues out, and they’ll sure to impress you with their drum stick twirling abilities.

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