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And when the hair starts to go, well, there aren’t many guys who go, “Oh cool, just what I was hoping would happen.” In 2013, researchers in Berlin conducted a major study of the psychosomatic effects of hair loss, and concluded that even minor balding could lead to “an enormous emotional burden with low self-confidence, impaired quality of life, and even psychological disorders.” And consider this distressing statistic, from a 2009 survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. We talked to four accomplished, well-traveled men with one thing in common: They’re all bald—in fact, they all started losing their hair before the age of 30—and they all don’t care. If you have nothing better to do than worry about your hairline, maybe you’ve got a little too much free time on your hands.Almost 60% of guys would rather have a full head of hair than money or friends. Related: The Best Haircuts for Guys with Thinning Hair Ronain Portis grew up poor and angry in Scotland.Single And Bald brings like-minded people together and improves your chances of finding romance.

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The women who run into him on a daily basis are not worried that he went bald years ago. The American Hair Loss Association estimates that two out of every three men will start to lose at least some of their hair by the time they’re 35. Dan Madigan is a successful screenwriter in Los Angeles. When I started to lose my hair in my late 20s, I had a few months of angst.When they’re 50, around 85 percent will have significant thinning. Hair Can Be a Pain In the Ass Do you ever look at guys with elaborate quaffs covered in tons of “product” and wonder how much time they spend worrying about the dead protein on their domes? He started losing his hair while employed as a bouncer at tough Boston nightclubs and working out as a boxer, powerlifter, and wrestler. “It has its pluses,” he says of his now hairless head. Then I realized that all of my favorite men of action were bald.” Leave Vanity to the Boys Vanity and narcissism are unattractive qualities in anyone, but their deal killers for men who aspire to experience a full life.I knew women wanted to date bald guys, so how do you get bald guys connected to women that want a bald man?A bald dating site was the obvious choice, but the quality of dating sites out there was low, so I decided to start one myself.

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