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Or maybe it’s the shopping cart culture of the whole thing — who knows.

I *do* know this: if you’re doing the online dating thing, a filtration system is more important than .

Make it a habit of engaging those around you and you’ll never run out of interesting people to date.

And if you happen to meet some amazing people online?

If you’re looking for something casual, be up front about it.

How could someone so seemingly interesting be headlining for dating amateur hour? For the past year or so I’ve observed this phenomenon and wondered WTF is actually going on. By *it* I mean the delta between Person A and Person B. Know what the heck you’re looking for and seek alignment early (& often).

Relationships will enhance your life, but not if your life sucks to begin with.

In that case, dating and relationships will only make you more miserable, and you’ll end up hurting people along the way.

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You may not have control over the specifics, but you do have control over the story you tell about it.

ave you ever dated someone and thought ‘this person has their sh*t together’ and not just their personal life, but their dating life? Whatever you’re looking for, be candid and date within that lane. The challenge with dating today is everyone is trying to ‘play it cool.’ They’re interested, but they’re trying not to show it. Express when you’re elated, sad, turned off, or interested. When you’re forthright, you give the person you’re dating the permission to be so too. ” If you have an incredible, magical life, you’ll naturally be protective of it and not want to let trashy people into Disneyland. They’re loud, they’re rude, and they generally wreak havoc on the park.

They’re vulnerable yet mysterious, leaving you both satiated and wanting more. If you’re looking to build a life with someone — provided you meet the right person — communicate that. Your initial reaction should be, “Great, but do I like them?

Close friends provide much needed relational security and are bedrock to dating from a place of strength.

It’s critical, too, to have close friends of the opposite gender.

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