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Open the Veeam console from the backup server, navigate to jobs, select them all and right click. In the below screenshot, you can see one of the new Veeam features: the central management of Veeam Agent for Windows / Linux instance.

You can now centralize the backup of physical servers for example. If like in my environment you have a server dedicated to remote management, you have to update the Veeam console installed on it.

“Implementation of Rapidi Replicator resulted in more efficient work routines and better overview about our business.

It liberated valuable resources as we could avoid duplicated data entry. We could just continue concentrating on our core business.” This Rapidi Replicator solution is designed to help businesses manage their data across multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX databases, whether they are deployed locally or spread out across many international locations.

We are using a Postgres database which is going to be replicated real-time (synchronously) in a master-slave fashion.

The idea is to prepare for failover, guaranteeing high availability and data durability (back-up and recovery).

Our cloud-hosted data replication technology works with all Microsoft Dynamics systems and can be customized to fit your business needs.

This universal data access eliminates issues caused by data error, allowing everyone in your organization to make better-informed decisions and work in a more efficient and effective way.

Rapidi Replicator offers on-demand Saa S data replication solutions, enabling seamless synchronization across multiple Microsoft databases.

Our cost-effective solutions are simple to set up and use, allowing your teams to access up-to-date, faultless data securely, even over low bandwidth or through periods of downtime.

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