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Netflix has been loading up their streaming service with original movies throughout 2019, and we’re taking a closer look at how well the films were reviewed.

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Accidentally auditioned for the band "V", mistaking it for a pop/punk band like "Busted".The crazy over Danny Jones started just a couple days ago.Gay Star News reports that it began with a tweet that discovered the man and quickly gained traction before completely running off the rails. pic.twitter.com/0r U95o Bbxh— la loba (@vickto_willy) May 29, 2017From then on tehre was no stopping the ongoing storm of followers willing to talk about, salivate over, and obsess over Danny Jones and his body.But, right now he has focuses more on personal training, cause with a body like that he doesn’t need business cards.Adding to that, he also has an upbeat personality that’s perfect for inspiring others to change.

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