Danielle staub and danny provenzano dating

It’s a simple paradigm, really: shameful situations, starring shameless people, tend to produce off-the-chart ratings.

But Danielle Staub (formerly Beverly Merrill) leaves all previous scandal-makers in the dust.

See full summary » The law does not seem to be on anyone's side on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey", as Danielle, reeling from the hair-pull heard 'round the world,' seeks her day in court and Jacqueline struggles to get Ashley to face the seriousness of her actions.

I mean, all happens too, but there's some actual, if utterly producer-orchestrated, drama when Danielle attends a benefit at the Brownstone, owned by the Manzo clan, along with an entire (uninvited) troupe of "Sopranos" extras, and throws a self-righteous hissy fit when they all can't be accommodated: "You do this to a little baby." whose illness has been co-opted for this foolishness."I know what I am as a person, okay, and I could sit here and you could throw something at me and I'm going to own it," she tells Danielle. Danielle says that Dina thinks Danielle was working to get custody of Dina's daughter Lexi taken away. Danielle allows that she may have, because Dina lied about the situation in an interview. You brought danger to my son in the shape of that Sweathog reject 'Okay, Mr."I've been like this," she says, waving her hand in a straight line. Kot- -- When Caroline asks Danielle to explain what Danielle meant about greeting her son Chris pleasantly at the benefit and calling it a "psychological F-U," Danielle claims that it was just an acknowledgment that they were putting the families' differences aside. "You do not sit here and try to make a fool out of me," Caroline says. Of course, the only surprise is that the producers let those acknowledgments air at all. " She flat out denies the credit card debt, even though the bankruptcy papers that list ,000 in debt to the three major department stores were written up by her own lawyer. She says Joe didn't tell her about the depth of their financial problems because he was protecting her, and that she doesn't read the negative things that are written about her. He only went to a nearby friend's house and downed a couple of shots because "he was all shaken up," Teresa says. So does my turtle.-- Danielle refuses to confirm or deny that she's dating duet partner Lori Michaels, or, as Andy puts it, swimming in the lady pond.-- Danielle denies that she's making any money off the sex tape that's currently in circulation, and denies Jacqueline's suggestion that she and her bed partner made the tape in order to release it.-- When Andy says that the father from the baby cancer benefit claims that Danielle never donated any money after ruining the event, Danielle tries to set the record straight. "I went door to door" -- "Lie." -- "collecting" -- "Lie.Caroline does insist, however, that she's been real throughout the season. It's a matter of convenience, what it is at the moment that works for you."Other highlights (or lowlights):-- Andy raises the question lingering from last season's reunion show: What did Danielle do to Dina Manzo that made big sister Caroline so mad? I don't think she's an unfit mother." Jacqueline says that Danielle's lawyer put some sort of gag order on Dina so she couldn't discuss the allegations. "Are you keeping out the negative or do you think you're a little bit in denial? "Keeping out the negative," she says firmly.-- When asked whether Caroline regrets taking a shot at Danielle's children by saying they don't have light -- or as Caroline now describes it, "innocence" -- in their eyes, she says she doesn't. Lie." -- "commitments" -- "Lie." -- "of ,000" -- "Lie." Then Caroline really rips into her: "You came into my place of business looking to cause a problem.

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