Criminal background check dating

If you’re looking to reconnect with an old friend or trying to reach a distant family member, this extra info can make you more confident that you’ve found the right person before you reach out.

Speaking of the monthly membership, Been Verified offers one of the least expensive monthly memberships in the industry, which is another reason it’s a good option if you plan on running multiple reports.

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That works just fine if you’re chatting with someone online and want to double-check before meeting up with them for drinks.

We weren’t as impressed with People Finders and US Search as we were with the companies mentioned above.

But both these companies let you run background checks without signing up for a monthly membership—something you can’t get from any of the top three companies listed.

While a few other companies offer mobile apps, we didn’t see any others that had smartwatch apps.

A watch screen might not be ideal for scrolling through a detailed report, but it does make it easy to run a quick report if you meet someone new while you’re away from home.

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