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This helps you find matches that are even more compatible with the matching algorithm.The prices for the UK are fairly similar to those in the United States and Canada but can vary slightly depending on the exchange rate.I am not going to go over a full review of the e Harmony website because you can do that here.Although e Harmony is not a free dating website, it has a free trial version, and there is a reason that they charge a premium for all of the features and successful long-term relationships people have on their platform.The payment for the three-month plan can be paid off in three payments of .95.The six-month plan can be paid off in three separate installments of .90.

Both the three-month plan, six-month plan, and 12-month plan have the option to pay off the total in three separate installments.Without further rambling let’s check out how much e Harmony paid subscription costs.*e Harmony no longer offers one-month subscriptions The savings are extracted from the most expensive plan which is the 3-month plan.The chart above shows the pricing for e Harmony and it is three months, six months, and 12-month plans that they offer.There are also specialist sites that target niches, such as plus size singles.We already have a very long and extensive list of dating sites, and provide a list of their prices.

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