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Why, I was part of "mankind" my- self, so this might be my story, in a sense, or at least might situate me in the one big story shared by all!

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Well, neither, re- ally: its the letter yaw.) Given the arbitrary nature of transliteration, my guiding principle in this book has been to go for the simplest spellings and the most recognizable reductions.And that makes this book, in this uneasy, contentious post 9/11 world, a must-read." — Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns "A lively, thorough, and accessible survey of the history of Islam (both the religion and its political dimension) that explores many of the disconnects between Islam and the West." — Shelf Awareness "There's not a page where you won't learn something startling in Destiny Disrupted.Beautifully clear and endlessly engaging, it's a romp through science, poetry, politics, and religion, in the company of a wise and charming mind, the perfect antidote to the Islamo phobia that clouds Europe and North America." — Raj Patel, author of Stuff and Starved and visiting scholar, Center for African Studies, University of California at Berkeley "Never apologist in tone, meticulously researched and balanced, often amusing but never glib, Destiny Disrupted is ultimately a gripping drama that pulls the reader into great, seminal events of world history, a book which offers a wealth of knowledge and in- sight to any reader who wants to understand the movements and events behind the modern-day hostilities wracking Western and Islamic societies." — Portland Oregonian DESTINY DISRUPTED THE ISLAMIC WORLD TODAY DESTINY DISRUPTED A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes TAMIM ANSARY Public Affairs NEW YORK Copyright © 2009 by Tamim Ansary Hardcover edition first published in 2009 in the United States by Public Affairs™, a member of the Perseus Books Group. No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.Also many Arabic names include a series of patronymics preceded by Ibn, meaning "son of." Usually, I use the shortest form of the name by which a person is most commonly known.The profusion of unfamiliar names (and words) in this book will challenge many English-speaking readers; I wish to minimize such difficulties, so if a familiar form of a word or name exists in English, that's what I go with.

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