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Later Jin failed to take the city and Nurhaci was wounded in the assault, dying eight months later.The Ming emerged victorious, marking a temporary resurgence of the Ming army after an eight-year-long series of defeats.Yuan promoted his strategy of fortifying key cities to retake lost land and began constructing defenses for Jinzhou further north of Ningyuan.The Tianqi Emperor dispatched 40,000 troops to aid in Yuan's construction projects.

The attack killed thousands and many grain stores were destroyed, but the island itself held for the time being.

Nurhaci succumbed to his wounds and died in Mukden eight months later.

His eighth son, the fourth Beile, Hong Taiji, assumed the title of the Great Khan of the Later Jin.

After several days of failed assaults, Ningyuan had still not fallen and instead inflicted heavy losses on the Jin forces.

Nurhaci himself was wounded by a cannon shot and decided to withdraw to Mukden.

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