Colbie cailat dating

I love getting to know new places, cultures, languages, and cooking.

My dream is to work in aviation, as a Commissioner, or mechanics, and maybe join the FAB *-* I can communicate in Spanish, and I'm learning English and Italian, I am self-taught, wanting more and more to learn new languages, I intend to soon start studying French and German.

I'm looking for a nice guy, quiet, romantic, generous, who likes nature, who doesn't smoke, who really wants something serious and not just virtual romance games.

I've got myself buried under a pile of chapters to write.

And I do plan to finish the entire series someday haha Here are my song choices!

Well, I'm not much for writing but I want to let things clear here.

I don't want to show my body on Webcam, or for photos via Whats App or Skype.

And I'm single, so chances are with me, of course, if we were compatible.

:) And it gives me an outlet for one of my favorite hobbies-analyzing the development of the Caskett relationship.In case you haven't guessed yet, I am a Caskett shipper.It took me a little while to get into it (I don't normally watch 'cop' shows) but by the time I watched 'Knockdown' for the first time, I was hooked.Packer, Molly Landon Photo, Red Mango, Prime Student, 13 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails Ever Recorded on Video! I had a fun idea last week: ask some fellow bloggers for their favorite YA or romance books and I would pick some songs to go with those books.

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