Chat with people who have k9 sex

The action is against the basic ethics of humanity because animals can never give consent for this action.

The action challenges the dignity of the human race and against the morality of the society.

There is no clinical evidence to confirm that bestiality can be a reason for AIDS, but anyhow prevention is better than cure. There is an element of risk for having sex with male dogs.

For having sex with female dog, you need to wait for the right time of her heat.

The first heat of a female dog may happen anytime between nine months and fifteen months.

The first heat stage will be a difficult process, and you probably will not be able to have a successful attempt.

It will not be that easy to sleep with a female dog.

A male dog after having sex will reach to a “stuck” stage, where is unable to pull out his penis because the penis will swell inside the uterus and shall lock within the vagina.

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