Chat website no payments

You will then have to follow a process similar to the account creation process in order to get We Chat Payment enabled.Tencent charges a commission of about 0.6% on transactions made through We Chat payment in China.

These agencies will help you to transfer the payment overseas and settle in your home countries.Today, you can use company’s We Chat Pay in the following 4 settings: This is the most common way to use We Chat payment. When users make a payment, they will just need to enter 6-digit pin code or scan of finger print.Below is an example of how users usually pay on a We Chat/mobile shop.Now you can add a credit or debt card to link with your We Chat Wallet. Now you have successfully linked your bank card with We Chat!Now enjoy shopping 🙂 Some people might link a friend’s bank card with We Chat Wallet and later wants to change it, you may bump into a lot of error messages if the two bank cards have different names.

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